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The origin of the word sorcery comes from a medieval Latin word sortiarius, which literally means: "One who Influences Fate." And this is precisely what a sorcerer or magician is truly capable of. But this does not mean we are mythical genies in a bottle. We are not really able to bend time and space and grant your every wish for the low low price of 50$. What it means is that we can often help you adjust the timeline of your destiny with delicate influences of both our magickal rituals and the intervention of the spirit world. However, ultimately it is you and you alone who has power over your life and what you see. 

Sorcery is not merely a form of psychological self-help! Very real synchronistic and acausal manifestations occur, sometimes miraculously, sometimes in very mundane ways. When a competent Sorcerer is doing it right, things just have a way of working out for the best, though often this does not mean getting what you want or think you need. What it means is your timeline of fate is aligned with your deepest and truest intent.  

Most people live in a highly egoistic state, unable to see that not everything they think they need or desire is really what their higher self is trying to do. Like a small dog who desperately wants a slab of deep rich dark chocolate, a dog who will sulk in a corner. If that dog gets that chocolate, the joy will be immense, but the pain could be fatal. Just because you truly believe that your ex is meant to come back to you, or that you really are supposed to be the new manager of your office, does not mean that is what is meant to be by your higher self. 

When we egoistically oppose our higher will and intent, we experience suffering. This is not an external god lording their power over you, it is the deep and truest side of yourself that most people overrule or ignore out of mortal ignorance. You see you truly are God. We are all God incarnate, we have only forgotten. Sometimes what we are truly meant to do is to lean into a problem and learn from it, other times we are meant to overcome them, and sometimes we are meant to use the power of Sorcery to facilitate these outcomes. 

You see, all magick is a form of art, it is not meant to be a vending machine that grants wishes, and all you have to do is light some candles and say a few arcane words, and out pops the thing you want. Nor can you bypass the work by paying me to do it for you. If you pay me, you are paying me to put on the best performance art piece I am capable of for the price tag you can afford. Woven into this performance are all the nuances of ritual, ceremony, symbolism, and spiritual reality that are intended to open a gateway in your mind and reality that will allow you to step through and bear witness to the final outcome that your higher self truly intends for you. 

Sometimes this means you get exactly what you desire. Other times it means utter disappointment. But if I did my job right, you will be ready for either and will learn from either. I actually have a very high success rate in this regard. With only one individual I was not able to help out of several dozen clients. 

I am not interested in doing volume ritual work, I see every case as a unique person, even my affordable rituals I take the time to listen to your problem, read you as best I can, and offer something that I think will help you best. I turn down easily 2/3 of the people who come to me because very often they have unrealistic expectations. So this is not about making money off of your gullible beliefs. My goal is to provide a professional service that doesn't just tell you what you want to hear. 

You and I are entering into a contract where I am your guide and facilitator. Bear in mind, like a doctor I am not guaranteeing a specific outcome, only that my work will be top quality and free of defect. My goal is to suss out your higher divine will, and then adjust both your expectations, and direction, and then adjust the energies of your life to best match that outcome which you need to occur. 

Every ritual service I do comes with a live video of the ritual being performed, customized just for you, and your needs. This is for several reasons, the first is because you deserve to see the ritual performed live. There are a lot of others out there who will just send you photographs of their altar, and all you have is their word that the pictures represent your ritual. For all you know it is a stock photo they took several years ago (this is very common in the industry).

If you are still here and interested in using my services, please go read this DISCLAIMER, BEFORE Sending me an email.

The kinds of services I offer are listed below. 



These rituals all cost 75$ and are simpler and quicker for me to perform, but often have just as much potency and potential as a longer form ritual. I am also more inclined to perform these rituals upon request and do not usually require a video consultation first.


Example photo

This is a simple petition submitted to a powerful spirit of my choosing that is most appropriate to your concern with whom I have a reasonable relationship. This petition will be made on your behalf and will come with an appropriate offering, often including blood (mine), sacred smoke, fire, energy, praise and respect. Very often as part of this the spirit will make itself known to me, and will often offer guidance or words of wisdom and support which I shall relay to you when and if this happens. Very often the spirit will ask YOU for something in return, an action, an outlook, or an offering or oath. When this happens it is up to you to figure out if you are willing to do your part of the bargain. 

My role in this is to serve solely as your guide, medium, and facilitator. The final outcomes and interactions are between you are the spirit - As it should be. This service costs 75$

The types of concerns I can assist you with are almost unlimited and vary from love, curses, protection, guidance, and more. So please email me with your concern and I will guide you to the right spirit. 

If you wish to purchase this service email me at and use the SUBJECT LINE: AN AFFORDABLE OFFERING SPELL, include a short description of your needs, and we will discuss our options. PRICE 75$ and includes text chat consultation for free.


This is a simple ritual in which I work with the shadow people to attempt to BIND the target with their own shadow, forcing them to face their own darkness and integrate it, or suffer.  This ritual is BANEFUL in nature and binds the target with the forces of the abyss and the shadow current. Such a bound person is devoured by their own shadow, often succumbing to their own worst addictions, habits, and behaviors which can cause immense suffering. 

However, it also has the potential to help the target to grow and evolve and become a better person and thus can be used with less feeling of guilt. The outcome is entirely up to them. If they integrate their shadow and their actions reflect this, this ritual will be unlikely to take any real negative effect, if they do not integrate their darker side, they will fall prey to it instead. 

To do this spell I will need you to give me some detailed information about the target, their name, a recent photograph showing their eyes in the most natural setting possible (a candid shot preferably when they are unaware they are being photographed), and any details about them you can share that will help me figure out the best shadow to call upon. 

If you wish to purchase this service email me at and use the SUBJECT LINE: AFFORDABLE SHADOW BINDING RITUAL, include a short description of your needs, and we will discuss our options. PRICE 75$ and includes text chat consultation for free.


Together, we will agree upon a Tarot Card from the Major OR Minor Arcana that represents your concern, and I will use a card from one of my active Tarot decks as a sigil and gateway in ritual to channel those energies to you, or your chosen target. This ritual is the most affordable of all. 

If you wish to purchase this service email me at and use the SUBJECT LINE: AFFORDABLE TAROT SPELL, include a short description of your needs, and we will discuss our options. PRICE 50$ and includes text chat consultation for free.



In the current climate of social distancing, and with modern life keeping us pinned down to having limited time, I have decided to offer online training and video classes to groups of individuals at an affordable rate! 

Once a week I host a distance learning class on discord in which we cover a wide range of magickal topics. Meditation, Energy work, Ritual formulas, readings, gazing, and much more. Often using my Books as a guide, these classes are 2 hours long, and I can host up to 25 people at a time. If you cannot make a class for whatever reason or want to review, each class is recorded and uploaded to a private location so you can watch them later.  

Recorded classes are listed on the Tier 3 section of Patreon, and this way even if you cannot, or do not wish to use Discord, you can still watch the videos at your leisure when they get uploaded and released. 

This service combines the best of both worlds! - Video Training courses, and live video group classes. I am the only person offering a course of this type for this price. 

Classes are held every Monday from 9 to 10PM EST (unless I am sick, or it is a holiday). 

Watch the announcement video here: 

Watch a free sample class here: 

If you are interested in this program, click HERE and look for the 3rd tier titled: 3rd Tier: Online VIDEO CLASS - Discord


I also offer general consultation services, these cost 100$ per hour, and I am more flexible about scheduling than with my mentorship program.  I typically hold this in the late evening, afternoon, or even the middle of the night. Part of this service is a complete reading and analysis of you, or whatever concern you have. My job is to be your sage, your oracle, your guide, or your mentor. 

If you are interested in this service, email me at and use the SUBJECT LINE: GENERAL CONSULTATION REQUEST and give me a brief description of what you want to discuss and why, and we will discuss our options and openings in the schedule for meeting in video chat.



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